‘Being a Racist Is Not Against the Law’: A broken window and a gun led to the death of James Scurlock outside a bar in Omaha. Then the search for justice began.

The Grassroots Plot to Take Down Susan Collins: On the ground with the Maine activists working to flip her seat and take back the Senate.

Ilhan Omar Opens Up About Her Brutal Summer: The Minnesota congresswoman faces a well-funded challenger in her primary on Tuesday.

Coffee Shops Are On the Brink Of Losing Their Place In American Culture: Who’s going to want to spend the day holding meetings and typing inside a coffee shop now?

The Decade We Marched for Our Lives: In this oral history of seven movements that defined the 2010s, activists remember how, and why, they started the fight.

Pacific Standard

‘The Ocean Is Boiling’: The Complete Oral History of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill:
On January 28th, 1969, crude oil and gas erupted from a platform off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Alarm over the disaster reverberated around the world, energizing the nascent environmental movement and leading to a slew of legislative changes.

The American Diner at Age 143: The definitions and décor may change, but the diner remains our home, even when we’ve forgotten where home is.

The New Yorker

The Bible of Texas Football: Dave Campbell’s Texas Football has long been the state’s foremost guide to college and high-school football.


Whoops: The Self-Driving Tesla May Make Us Love Urban Sprawl Again:
Self-driving cars might one day lead to a decrease in personal car ownership, and an increase in walking-oriented lifestyles. But first, we’ve got to live through the phase of semi-autonomous driving.

Happy Birthday, Through Being Cool: The story behind the seminal Saves the Day album.


The Greatest Threat to Our National Parks Might Be Noise Pollution: Everything from airplanes to your cell phone leaves audible marks on plants and wildlife–so sound specialists in parks around the country are working on setting a baseline for how noisy we’re allowed to be.


The best $475 I ever spent: A kayak that made me appreciate where I come from: Northeast Pennsylvania is beautiful, but after a decade in California and New York, I’d lost sight of it.

Atlas Obscura

Mapmaking Taught Skiing’s ‘Rembrandt of Snow’ the Art of Patience: James Niehues has spent decades painting finicky ski trails.

The Washington Post

‘Evacuation Fatigue’ Caused Some to Ignore Peril of Mudslides: Authorities imposed a “mandatory evacuation zone” around large portions of Montecito on Thursday night, warning residents that they should prepare to be away from their homes for as long as two weeks.

Like a WWI Battlefield’: 15 Dead as Mudslides Wipe Away Homes in Fire-Ravaged Southern California: Mudslides, floods and cascading debris swept away buildings, inundated roads and killed 15 people in Southern California as thousands of residents of an area recently devastated by wildfires were forced to flee their homes from the potent forces unleashed by yet another disaster.

Deadly California Wildfire Threatens Montecito as More Evacuations Are Ordered for Santa Barbara County: The deadly wildfire that has ravaged Southern California for nearly two weeks gained fury overnight and now threatens swaths of coastal Santa Barbara County, authorities said Saturday.

As Wildfires Continue in California, Air Quality a Significant Concern: With fire crews continuing their battle against the fourth-largest wildfire in modern California history, smoke inhalation has become a major concern for residents in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.